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Prices and Contact

The pricing scheme is simple with No hidden Extras.

Ear Wax Removal £65

This price is set whether the proceedure is needed on 1 ear or both and includes a medical history questionnaire, examination of your ear canals including video otoscopy. The wax removal is then carried out in the safest and most appropriate manner as determinded by the clinician. A hearing screening check is also included after the wax proceedure at clients request.

If on examination you have no wax there will be a £20

consultation fee. This includes hearing tests and advice if required.

If we are unable to remove all wax in one session subsequent session is free of charge.

By appointment only
 Evenings available 

How to book

Appointments can be booked by telephone, by completing the online form or via email and Facebook Messenger.

Tel: 07498 206130 or 01507 304887  | Email:

Appointments can be arranged quickly so you do not have to wait to get your hearing and life back to normal.

 Contact Form
Please complete form below and one of the team will be in touch. NB: 
Email responses may go into your junk box so please check there if you have not heard back from us within 24 hours

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